How to calculate stair stringers?

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It is very important to design a comfortable wooden staircase to the second or third floor, which in addition will be the least traumatic for you and your children, without loss of attractiveness. Solve the problem of correct calculation of a direct single-step wooden staircase to the house will help our online calculator and a reference to it.

The calculator allows you to make an online calculation of direct ladder on the stringers. The program generates by results of calculations 3D model of a straight ladder, drawings of all structural elements of a straight ladder with strings.

How to calculate a ladder on a stringer online?

It is possible to make exact calculation with a stair stringer calculator. We will try to visually go through the whole process.

Measure and enter the main dimensions of the structure – the parameters of the stairway, measure the distances between the levels of the clean floor of the second and first floor. Then fill in data on stair steps, stringer and step.

As a result you receive 3D model of the ladder designed according to your parameters, the final calculation data on a ladder design, which includes an angle of slope of the ladder, number of steps, height and width of each step of a straight wooden ladder. The ladder calculation program will draw four detailed drawings of a straight ladder on stringers:

  • side view of the ladder
  • top view of the stairs
  • straddle draw
  • stair drawing

Can’t decide on the required original size? A little bit below we will orient you on the basic parameters of a straight ladder, its corner, the sizes of steps which are widespread in building, designed taking into account convenience of lifting and descent on a straight wooden ladder.