Concrete stairs in a private home

  • by Gerson Tallis

In a private house (not necessarily even a multi-storey one), a staircase is a necessary thing. It makes available the basement and cellar, it goes out of the house into the open space, finally tying the floors. What qualities does it have to possess?

The stairs in a private house must be, first of all, strong, secondly, reliable and thirdly, durable. Most of all, a staircase cast in concrete will correspond to such parameters. It will not loosen with time, will not squeak underfoot, will not burn in a fire.

But concrete is a demanding material and if you decide to get a concrete staircase in your home, then you will have a question:

Where to get a ladder made of concrete and how to install it?

You can offer some ideas, for example:

  • to buy a prefabricated stairway at the factory of the GBK.

This will be the easiest thing to do, but – alas! – inside a house built to your liking, the stairs “from the entrance” will not look good (to put it mildly). And it is not a fact that the ready-made span will suit your house in size and slope.

  • make an order for the construction of a staircase in a specialized firm.

This option will be much more expensive, but you will be able to choose the architecture and appearance of the building (as far as your financial capacity, of course), and the practical implementation of your plan in life will be engaged professionals.

So what kind of stairs should I order?

There are also options, because concrete stairs are straight (with one, two or more marches) and spiral stairs (spiral). Of course, that a direct staircase in one march and supported by one of the walls will be the most economical option. Which, however, most customers are quite satisfied.

The fact is that it is inconvenient to climb a very narrow staircase, and it is just dangerous – and bring up some large thing will be and even problematic. Only those marches that are rarely used in the basement or cellar can be narrower.

Another important parameter for a staircase is its inclination angle.

When the ladder is already made, but…

And finally, when the stairs are built of concrete, they’ll have to be finished. This operation will be necessary also from the point of view of further operation of a ladder as rectangular concrete steps will be both not too beautiful, and not too practical, as concrete on right angles will crumble and lose the form.

To avoid this trouble it will be necessary to equip steps with overhangs. They will further increase the width of the step, and protect the concrete from abrasion. Materials for final finishing of a ladder nowdays are enough – from a tree and a laminate to a ceramic granite and a ceramic tile, but their practical application – a theme separate.