Most popular stair types

  • by Gerson Tallis

Any multilevel country or country house cannot be imagined without stairs. It serves not only as an auxiliary element for transition from the ground floor to the first floor, but also brings a certain amount of aesthetics to the interior.

But what exactly are the modern solutions?

For added convenience, the stairs in a private home are divided into basic stairs, usually no more than one and auxiliary. The main ones are those that perform the function of transition between floors. Auxiliary stairs are needed only to be able to get into the basement or attic.

Types of stairs

All existing staircases today are separated by the type of construction and the material used to create them. When mentioning the material, it should be listed. So, the stairs are made of:

  • wood;
  • metal;
  • concrete;
  • combinations of several materials at once.

Regardless of the total weight of the staircase, its shape, shape and material, it must provide the required strength and comfort for all who live in a country or country house.


There were stairs with additional classification by march form. They can be next:

  • with a direct march;
  • with a pivoting march;
  • spiral staircase;
  • with a curved march.

The staircase, in turn, is able to be turned in one of the directions by 90 or 180 degrees. Depending on a design and a midline of a mark, it is accepted to divide such ladders on the right and left.

Of all the proposed variety, most often choose wooden stairs.

Wooden ladders

Owners of private houses just love the interstory stairs made of natural wood of expensive varieties. Having chosen such variant, customers see only the big price and hardly guess about all difficulties of installation, and preparation of a tree for its commissioning.

There is, of course, an inherent plus in the appearance of the front stairs made of such expensive types of wood as oak or beech.

Wooden staircases are able to stand out not only for their type, but also for the type of construction. They can be:

  • spiral staircases;
  • swivel stairs;
  • marching stairs;
  • single-span stairs;
  • combined.

Installation of wooden staircase construction is made with the help of a disposable pole or stringers. The main elements of a wooden ladder are considered: steps, balusters and, naturally, handrails. The latter have a special requirement, because they must be glued.

The steps are originally glued from individual boards, which are commonly referred to as plots. This technology allows you to preserve the attractive appearance of the stairs and add strength to it.

When ordering a wooden staircase to the house, it is worth paying special attention to the use of this technology. Only with it will be possible to achieve that the steps easily withstand the mechanical load and not erased before time.

If the country house is a small size, and the owner is burning desire to install a wooden staircase in it, the best choice is:

  • the marching structure;
  • a swivel structure with a 90-degree turntable;
  • spiral corner structure;
  • along the wall, single-span straight construction.

Metal ladders

Unlike wooden stairs, metal can be used as an additional decoration, combining it with another material. For example, it looks chic together with marble, combines perfectly with glass and harmonizes with wood. Stainless steel elements have earned a special recognition.

Usually they are railing, fencing or handrails. Such striking at first glance elements are resistant to constant mechanical stress and do not wear out for a long time. Metal, quite different from other designs, it is able to maintain its appearance for many years and still remain as shiny.

The main types of metal stairs include spiral and semi-spiral stairs, open and closed marching stairs, L-shaped and U-shaped structures.

Basically, the shape of the stairs depends on the geometric features of the individual room, why, often there are straight or slightly rounded solutions. Unfortunately, most metal products rarely immediately fit into the overall interior of the room. But there are universal, screw solutions.